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1. my username is from song THANATOS by my fave band BUCK-TICK - ” no matter where i go, no matter where i fly ; in my heart is the flower of thanatos ” 

2. i have a thing for curtains and long hair. i.e. sakurai atsushi , johnny depp, professor snape, wubai… 

3. i dont have a definite style. today im wearing bell bottoms, a sleeveless hoodie and yellow safety goggles. i dont know what im wearing really.

4. i dont think i can complete this 20facts about me. i dont know myself really.

5. i am a morning person. and also a night person. #howliddat

6. i dont like using the phone. or technology. it doesnt like me v much either. i still dont know how to torrent things.

7. i only eat rice when im in japan.

8. my favorite meal is breakfast.
9. not a day goes by without someone stopping me to tell me that i dont belong in the girl’s toilet. 

10. yes i am 1.8m tall and no im not a model

11. i wanna be everything when i grow up. first a chef and a rockstar and when i retire i’ll have a farm with sheep and cow i’ll make cheese and run a restaurant 

12. im super good at public transport in every country ive been to but i still cant seem to be able to understand buses in sg.

13. is my fave number.

14. im kinda addicted to bleaching my own hair. #whitetrash #confessions

15. i spend too much time in public transport

16. i prefer walking. i love walking. 

17. i also swim. i love swimming.

18. omg almost hitting 20! yay! 

19. was one of the most memorable years of my life.

20. this picture was taken by @hotdoufu outside Zepp Namba on the day before six nine wars, their live with Mucc. i was devastated i had to leave Osaka and couldnt make it. 

 i sincerely hope u enjoyed this. i dont  really like writing about myself and i end up deleting it so…. douzo. while this is still here :D
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Permalink last month we were konbini-hopping in the streets of Tokyo & Osaka. let’s do it again soon,@hotdoufu ♡
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