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to whom it may concern

will you forgive me

when i can’t forgive myself ?

will you save me

when i can’t save myself ?

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Next Music From Tokyo Vol 6. Concert Ticket Giveaway!!(details & rules below)
Featuring: Kinoko Teikoku(きのこ帝国), jizue, Happy!Mari, Uchu Conbini(宇宙コンビニ), and nayuta
Hi guys! My name is Sharon, and I am giving away three pairs of concert tickets to a show of your choice in Toronto (May 16/17), Montreal (May 19), Vancouver (May 21) for this year’s upcoming Next Music From Tokyo (NMFT) Canada tour. NMFT is a yearly tour that brings Japanese bands from Japan to Canada, with big names such as andymori, group_inou, ZAZEN BOYS, and Akai Koen(赤い公園) having participated in previous volumes. Here is a short promo introducing this year’s line-up:

Advance tickets are available online at for $10, and at the door for $15. That being said, you can be one of three people to win a pair of tickets to any of the four legs of the tour! Here are the rules:

1) You must reblog this post. Each reblog is one ballot for the giveaway draw. You can reblog as many times as you want before the draw closes on May 15.
2) ‘Liking’ the NMFT Facebook page counts as one ballot. Message @r-paca on tumblr. with a picture of the ‘Liked’ fanpage, and which username you want the ballot under.
3) There will be three winners. Each winner will be given two tickets (Tickets can be to different shows; winners will be contacted after the draw closes)
4) This giveaway is only for tickets to the show; winners should arrange for transportation to the venues by themselves.
5) As the shows are 19+, entrants must also be 19+.

If you’re Canadian and have a love for music – Japanese or otherwise – then this is definitely not a tour to be missed. You do not need to understand Japanese to enjoy this show. I’ll be at each of the shows personally, so please feel free to contact me and introduce yourself! Good luck, and see you at the show!
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to whom it may concern

it`s that time of the year,

where things go in a circle.

as i commit the same mistakes

i don`t regret.


i hope you`re feeling the same


i hope you don`t.)

what will you be doing this year

i wonder

will you remember?

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"thorns" anatomical heart collage by bedelgeuse

wow .
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NSFW: ‘Maryjane’ shot by Darren Ankenman.